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27th October 2014 - Guest Lecture of Prof. Timothy M Swager

News from Oct 14, 2014

NanoScale Guest Lecture

Prof. Timothy M Swager

Department of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

"Molecular/Nano-Wires in Chemical Sensing"

27. October 2014

16:15 h

Freie Universität Berlin

Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Takustr. 6, 14195 Berlin;
Main Lecture Hall

Prof. Timothy M Swager

John D. MacArthur Professor

Department of Chemistry, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

“My group's research is broadly focused on synthetic, supramolecular, analytical, and materials chemistry. We are interested in a spectrum of topics with an emphasis on the synthesis and construction of functional assemblies. Molecular recognition pervades a great deal of our research. Chemosensors require recognition elements to discriminate chemical signals. Electronic polymers are one of the areas that our group is well know for having made many innovations. We are constantly developing new electronic structures, properties, and uses for these materials. Recently we have launched an effort on creating functionalized carbon nanotubes and graphenes. We have advanced new chemical methods for their functionalization and utilization in electrocatalysis, chemical and radiation sensing. In the area of liquid crystals we make use of molecular complementary and receptor-ligand interactions to provide novel organizations.“




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